Electrotherapy is the use of 'machines' for the treatment of soft tissue and bone. They stimulate the body's own systems of repair and can speed the healing process.

N.B. All machine are fully portable


A clinically proven EPA, using 448kHz radio waves to aid healing, increase blood flow and provide pain relief, as well as general performance enhancement. 

This provides a powerful tool alongside manual therapies and has demonstrated some impressive results. 

It has been shown in clinical trials to enhance tendon repair, reduce inflammation, penetrates as deeply as sacroiliac joint and provides pain relief. This can be used to treat a range of conditions - from splints to tendon injury, fractures to lumbar sacral issues. 


Unique form of electrotherapy that uses a specific H shaped electrical wave either to reduce pain or stimulate muscles and in doing so blood flow. This can speed healing, reduce oedema and remove harmful toxins that may have built up around an injury site. Excellent for analgesia, building muscle and helpful for horses prone to tying up.

Red light / Low level laser

Uses light energy to increase cell activity. It is effective in the treatment of muscle damage and reducing oedema. Speeds wound healing and can minimisescarring.


Technically mechanical rather than electrotherapy, but useful in treatment of muscle tears, tendon repair and breaking down scar tissue, as well as pain relief. It creates a thermal effect in the cells,increasing activity. It has been shown to produce a more 'organised' heal and reduce adhesions associated with scar tissue. 

PMFT (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy)

Used for soft tissue, bone and neural repair. It enhances the cell metabolic process, helps to restore the natural 'current ' in the cell membrane and can have a pain relieving effect. Well tolerated by both horses and dogs, it promotes relaxation in advance of hands on intervention and is useful for nervous animals or those in pain / discomfort.

NMES (Neuro-muscular electrical stimulation)

Used electrical pulses to activate the muscles and is helpful post injury, when muscle bulk may have been lost and recruitment difficult.